Get booked in autopilot and sell thousands with The Consultant Funnel

Utilizing the system most ultra-successful consultants, like Sam Ovens and Andrew Argue, utilize for selling their high ticket consulting services.

Check it out here:

Sell your HIGH TICKET Consulting with The Consultant Funnel

Connect a website that sells with an evergreen webinar or value video which leads to a strategy session.

Made to sell (A LOT)...

Powered by Kartra, the best sales funnel software available. You won't have to worry about complex integrations with Zapier and other platforms. And, if you happen to use WebinarJam and/or Everwebinar, the funnel works even better.

The Consultant Funnel

The model many ultra-successful consultants, like Sam Ovens and Andrew Argue, utilize for their websites. No joke, visit their pages and see it for yourself.



The idea is to connect a simple and elegant website with an evergreen webinar or value video which leads to a strategy session.

Everything works inside Kartra, so you don't need to worry about complex integrations with Zapier and other platforms. If you happen to use WebinarJam and/or Everwebinar, then the funnel is even better.


If you are a consultant and don't want to want to waste time, this is for you:

How Does This Funnel Work, Lucas?

Leads subscribe to your Free Training (Video or Webinar)

After watching, they book a Strategy Session with you

SHOW-TIME: You close them on the phone/Zoom/Etc.

Show them how great you are!

Impress your leads with your invaluable content delivered via a recorded value video, evergreen webinar** or even a LIVE webinar**.


After providing them with massive value, they get the opportunity of scheduling a free strategy session call with you, where you deploy your dangerous sales skills and close the deal right over the phone (or wherever platform you choose).


Your leads didn't stick for long? - No problem!


Thanks to tag and Kartra's BAM features*, you can get your leads back to the video and re-watch it.


This funnel also includes a simple, yet elegant, website that sells, at literally no additional cost.

¨*Requires the value-video to be hosted in Kartra

**Ideal for WebinarJam/Everwebinar (subscription paid separately) 

What's Inside This Simple, Yet Powerful, Funnel?


All fully responsive. Website + Funnel


Automated email sequences using BAM


Track lead behavior using BAM


The program you will be selling


To book your strategy sessions


In case you need it... you have it


Made to  help and support your customers


For your call bookings and more

How Do I Get The Consultant Funnel, Lucas?


Choose the plan that fits you best


Complete payment of your funnel


You will then receive clear instructions

Find a plan that’s right for you.


  • You customize it

  • Client Onboarding

  • Video Tutorials

  • Full support



  • Customized for you

  • Coaching call with me

  • You provide us the content

  • Relax & enjoy  ;)


Frequently Asked Questions

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